2015 Rules and Scoring




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Changes are in RED.


a)    Penalties given in the section shall not be cumulative except for the first three dabs.

b)    While walking the section a rider may not alter the section.

c)    A rider officially enters the section to be scored when the front axle of his machine passes the imaginary line between the enter markers.

d)    A rider is officially out of the section when the front axle of his machine passes the imaginary line between the exit markers.

e)    CLEAN- Successful completion of the section without a failure or dab.

f)     DAB- Any intentional contact between the rider’s body and a supporting surface or object that is used to maintain balance is one (1) point.

g)    Both feet on the ground at the same time counts as two (2) points.

h)    Foot rotation while dabbing counts as one (1) point (for the dab).

i)      Sliding a foot is three (3) points.

j)      Intentional use of any part of a motorcycle, other than rubber of the tires, the skid plate, or the foot pegs, to maintain balance is also a dab.

k)    All gates must be a minimum 36” in width.

2)         FAILURES: (5 Points)

a)    Riding out of bounds.

Note: If a boundary tape is on the ground, a rider is not considered out of bounds until there is ground visible between the tire and tape.

b)    Breaking a ribbon. (Touching boundaries or markers is permitted except as indicated by section d.)

c)    Physical contact between the rider or motorcycle and a ribbon or section marker which results in knocking down a section marker or breaking a ribbon. Ribbons that break or section markers that fall but not directly caused by the rider or motorcycle are not counted as a failure.

d) Touching with the tires of the motorcycle any class marker in a section.

e)    Stopping: Complete unquestionable loss of forward motion of the motorcycle for a count of more than three seconds (3) while dabbing.

f)    Moving backwards while dabbing.

g)     Dismounting – both feet on the same side (left, right, front, back) of the motorcycle.

h)    Crossing your own tracks Note: Riders may not cross their own tracks (i.e. riding in a circle) except where specifically permitted by the TRAILS MASTER.

i)  Taking a hand off the handlebars while footing. While one or both feet are on the ground both hands must be on the handlebars.


3)           SCORING NOTES

a)    A bike with a dead engine that is pushed or coast out of the section, without stopping, IS PERMITTED.

b)    A rider may balance, without dabbing, on the skidpan; foot pegs, or tires for as long as necessary, provided the event is not delayed.

c)    A rider may move his bike in any direction in the section, provided he is not dabbing while moving backwards.

d)    Any protesting of scores that cannot be mutually agreed upon by observer and rider must be taken up with the trials master only. No rider may protest another rider’s score.

e)    A rider may choose not to ride a section and receive a five (5).

f)     Other course specific rules are given at the riders meeting.

g)    A riders final score for an event shall be the sum total of all the individual scores incurred from all sections.

h)    Tie scores shall be broken using the following steps one at a time:

Step 1 - Most clean wins

Step 2 - Most (1) scores wins

Step 3 - Most (2) scores wins

Step 4 - Most (3) scores wins

Step 5 – Best score in a section wins, starting with the first ride through section one.

i)      A rider will not carry or mark his or her own score card.

4)         Championship Points

a)    To earn points toward a CVOTC Yearly Class Championship you must:

(1)      Be a paid member of CVOTC.

(2)      You must ride with your class group.

b)    The end-of-year class championships will be based on a rider’s best 7 finishes.

c)    You must complete a minimum of four events in a single class to earn an end-of-year trophy.

d)    End-of-year tie breakers will be:

(1)      The rider who beat the tied rider more in head to head competition

(2)      The rider who beat more riders in the events ridden