Hall of Fame

The Carolina Virginia Observed Trials Club was founded in 1989. Over the years the club has had a few members that were influential not just in Virginia and North Carolina, but all along the East Coast and throughout the country. The CVOTC Hall of Fame is an attempt at honoring some of the people that have shaped our club and influenced Observed Trials in the United States.


Jim Ellis

Jim Ellis is the first club member inducted into the CVOTC hall of fame.
Jim was one of the founding members of the club back in 1989 when a small group of Observed Trials enthusiasts got together. The club was founded with the intention of bringing the sport of Observed Trials to southern Virginia and North Carolina. For years Jim was the Trials Master for the Bunn, NC event, which was held on Jims property.


Pate Keen

The following is a letter written about 6 years ago (approximately 2008) by club member Rusty about Pate.

Pate Keen is my hero. At the age of 75 and a half, he is still "kicking ass and taking names" at trials events up and down the eastern half of the U.S. At every event he goes to, he usually finds dozens of riders gunning for him - trying to see if they can beat "the old man.' Most them can't, even though they are 20 to 55 years younger - "kids" as he calls them.

At the recent STRA event in Alabama, where Pate's score of 2 points for the day in Sportsmen easily won the class of 19 riders, the Trials Master announced at the trophy presentation that 18 of the sportsmen riders ought to be ashamed of themselves. Pate has been embarrassing trials riders for about 25 years.

He started riding trials at the young age of 50 - his first real attempt at off-road riding - and quickly worked his way up through the ranks to the advanced class. Pate competed as an advanced rider until he was 72 years old and moved back to sportsman because as he says, "I didn't want to have a senior moment on a high place."

During his peak, about 10 years ago, Pate was riding in about 35 events a year, including enough nationals to give him 4 or 5 national championship titles, in the 60 and 65 year age groups. He was a regular fixture at events hosted by STRA, CVOTC, Trials Inc, District 6 (PA), District 7 (MD), and FTA. More often than not he came home with the first place ribbon, sometimes 2, because he rode both modern and vintage classes.

The very best thing about Pate's trials career is that he is still at it. Still driving his blue (or is it green) van 10,000 miles a year to events from Florida to Indiana and Kentucky to Virginia. And he still kicks butt most of the time.

Pate Kee - 75 years old and going strong. There is hope for all of us.