Bunn NC, October 1, 2017

Update: Suggested by Ellis, Webster, Quell, and Beehler: With the goal of enticing more people to purchase and ride old bikes in vintage events, some club members have graciously offered their old bikes to share. First use of addicting drugs is always free! If you are one of the lucky ones--or would like to be--please bring another bike to ride as a loop taxi. No modern bikes will be allowed to taint, befoul, or otherwise churn up the sections, though.

Also, riders and spectators are encouraged to digitally document this vintage event with their ultra-modern cell phone or camera.  The Club is going to compile the footage and create a DVD. Submissions to be given to Rick Schill.

Lest ye think that this event will consist of the same old Bunn fare, Jim has cooked up two tasty new sections called Lumpy's Burgers + Fries and Bullfrog Hotel, both of which are near Matchstick. 

Bunn "Rust Bucket" Vintage Trial

10:00 AM Sign up          10:30 AM Start

An independent event.... No Membership required.

$5 Entry fee      M/C Helmet Required      Spectators Free      No Trophies

Air Cooled, Drum Brakes, Twin or No Shocks, Any Year. If each wheel is 16" or less, mono-shock is ok.

A and B classes          15 Sections          3 Loops

A Class will have "A" gates of Intermediate to Sportsman difficulty. B class rides anywhere within the boundaries, including any gates desired.

To shorten the Loop and save time, we will have three Clusters of Sections. Perhaps 6 in the Bowl, 5 near Whale Rock, 4 by the Matchstick, with a lunch break or water break after each Cluster. And we may "triple ride" each Section. If more than 6 entrants, I'd suggest dividing yourselves into groups or teams or cheering sections.

Help clearing, marking, and testing is welcome...even if you compete.

The Rust Bucket is an excuse to fire up old machinery, bring "loaners" for friends, and introduce new riders to the Trials game. Scores are a minor detail. I'm hoping this will become an annual event. It might even encourage others to host Vintage events of some sort.

For information please call Jim Ellis, 919 455 0984 any time.

Location: 855 Carolina 98 West, Bunn NC 27508

One and one-quarter (1.25) miles west of Bunn on Highway 98.

GPS Coordinates: 35.959077,-78.275292

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