Albermarle, NC April 30 2017


From the President:


Jeff and Alan Hensley put on their first trials at the Hensley compound near Albermarle, NC and it was a huge success.
32 riders attended. The 9 sections were very well laid out with just the right amount of difficulty to take points from everyone, but not too tough to beat us up on a warm April day. Traction was just about perfect, with hillsides, rocky creeks, gullies and a neat man made section with logs, tires, culverts, and timber walls.
Section #5 was taken over by a swarm of bees after the first least for the Sportsman was a great down and up hillside/gully section.
The competition was very close in most classes for the first 3 positions. It was even tied on cleans, ones, twos and threes in the intermediate class for the 1 and 2 positions. First place was eventually given to the person who was still there at trophy leave, you lose.
As far as the trophies were concerned, they were hand painted river rocks for the first three places in each class....very neat.
The CVOTC appreciates the continued support from Jim McKenzie of Competition Wheels of Concord, NC for showing up at most of our events with new bikes, parts, and gear to supply and temp us with.
Again thanks to the Hensley brothers and family for all the thought and work that went into what we hope is the first of many great events at Albermarle.
Here are the results....


1 Will Salter 6
2 Al Jones 11
3 Frank Wolff 14
4 Bill Kleeman 23
5 Sammy Romney 42


1 Scott Porter 8
2 Kevin Hobbs 8
3 Michael Friesen 10
4 Mark Simpson 14
5 Duane Tucker 19
6 Tony M. Powers 49


1 Gary Heyer 11
2 Mike Dalmaso 12
3 Tom Ashton 16
4 Rusty Lacy 23
5 David Lawson 27
6 Stuart Bishop 28
7 John Hendricks 35


1 Joe Palrang 25
2 Steve Billman 30
3 Greg Hales 33
4 Edward Romney 62


1 Maddie Hoover 32
2 David Webster 45
3 Garry Hoover 51

Exhibition/ Pointless

Ed Beehler
Dallas Stephenson
John Pacheco
Jim Ellis
Rick Schill
Jim Merrill
John Addison