Bunn NC, June 11, 2017

2017 June 11th, Bunn results


Lots of traction made for some low scores for the winners at the Lincoln Log challenge on Jim Ellis’s property in Bunn, NC.

Hot, but very dry conditions made it easier to navigate the twists and turns that make up the kinds of sections Bunn is known for.  A longer loop helped keep bottle necks at bay, with several views CVOTC riders had not seen before, including 3 old stills destroyed back in the 30’s.


In the Novice class, Frank Wolff took 1st with only 2 dabs for the day!  Special mention to Sammy Romney, who’s third loop score was half of his first loop.   We need to keep an eye on this young man!


Riding his faithful red Bultaco, Scott Porter took the win with 18 points over the Intermediates using smooth riding and throttle control.  Jim Carey finally figured out the sections, but his Bultaco had a fuel problem and would not finish the course.  Kevin Hobbs was second with 30 points and also gave $20 to our USA TDN team.


The Sportsman class saw Keith Bell back competing and winning on a new TRS 250.  A one point last loop gave him the win with a 17 point total, just edging out Kevin Bobal’s 3 point last loop and 26 point 2nd place, and David Lawson’s 5 point last loop to take 3rd with 32 points.


A real battle for first in the Advanced class!  Veteran Steve Billman took 1st place with 23 points over up and comer Daryn Reid with 30.  


In the Expert class, Jeff Hensley just could not get over the Lincoln Log the event was named for, allowing Maddie Hoover to edge past him for 1st place with 33 points.  Maddie will be one of our U.S. riders at the 2017 Trial de Nations, and with this events entrance money, plus Jim Ellis’s contribution, she has $700 to help her team compete.


Thanks to all 31 riders who showed up to have fun and support our club!





Frank Wolff2

Will Salter 11

Sammy Romney 57



Scott Porter 18

Kevin Hobbs 30

Mike Friesen 47

Dallas Stevenson 77

Jim Carey

Al Jones



Keith Bell 17

Kevin Bobal 26

David Lawson 32

Jim Ellis 34

Stu Bishop 49     7 cleans

John Hendricks 49     5 cleans

John Quell 63



Steve Billman 23

Daryn Reid 30

Alan Hensley 55

Ed Romney 61



Maddie Hoover 33

Jeff Hensley 38



Dan Brumley

Ed Beehler

David Webster

Gerald Mullins

Jon Pacheko

Bob O’sullivan

Greg Hales

Rick Schill

Garry Hoover