Sanford NC, September 10, 2017

From Joe Palrang on Facebook:

Hurricane Irma may have threatened, but perfect fall weather reigned at the supposedly final-ever trials competition at The Flyin’ H Farm in Sanford on Sunday, September 10th. *Our thoughts and well-wishes go out to the people affected by Irma.

Despite the storm, some stalwart sister-club STRA members made the long trek from down south: Brian Sloggy, Sean Parker, Matt Stancil, Tom Fraser, and Doug Kauffman. Thanks for coming, guys! You rock!

Gracious hosts Wendy Atkinson Hales and Greg Hales, and trialsmasters Greg, Kevin Bobal and Joe Palrang, pulled out all the stops—well, maybe not all… to put on a flowing eight-section, three-loop trial for 31 participants, and a skid-plate-hammering, gate-fest, endurance-trial for the three poor Experts. Only Tom Fraser appeared to laugh at the EX difficulty. Move ‘im up! Oh, wait.

Greg even arranged for smokin’ acrylic, sprocket-shaped trophies to be provided by Alan Hunt at Endless Plastics, and giant section name signs to be donated by Joe Rankin at Concept To Retail. Joe made participant pins. Wendy arranged for the weather. Forget Trials, I want those skillz! OK, I still want both. Greg also arranged for a large Repsol-themed cake, and Kevin got Toni Bou’s autograph to celebrate the 75th birthday of the awesome Jumpin’ Jim Ellis. Imagine what Jim could do with Toni’s slightly modified bike? Let’s never humiliate ourselves by letting that happen.

A big thank you to all who came, from first-trials-event guys like Stan Clinard and Ian Troublefield, to the usual gristly veterans; your overwhelmingly positive feedback nourished the soggy trialsmasters. I know I enjoyed worshipping at the (meaty and tasty) Temple of Trials.  And, who amongst us can deny the breathy anticipation at the possibility of cleaning Bob O’s Crack, or satisfaction of successfully mounting the obstacles in Big Wood, even while skirting the main trunk? How about the Torture Chamber? Remember, it’s not about pain, it’s about sensation. Some did, however, find fault with the difficult, but appropriately-named, Faultline, and the innocent Gully. Sorry Experts! Twelve gates *might* be a bit much. Garry and Maddie Hoover were missed. Greg and friends put a ton of work into transforming storm damage from yet another hurricane, Matthew, into lemonade. Can this truly be the last event at such a classic venue?

Next up, a classic vintage trials at Bunn on Sunday, Oct. 1st. Heavy bikes, twin shocks, no brakes, and old, brittle bones. What could go wrong?



Will Salter-26-1st



Kevin Hobbs-7-1st

Stan Clinard – 9-2nd

Dallas Stephenson – 17-19 Cleans-3rd

Jeremy Williamson – 17-16 Cleans

Scott Porter – 18

Josh Hendricks -23

Jim Carey – 23

Ian Troublefield – 38

Danny Brumley – 43

Bryan Smith – DNF



Gary Heyer – 4 – 1st

Jim Ellis – 25 – 2nd

David Lawson – 34 – 12 Cleans-3rd

John Hendricks – 34-11 Cleans 

Rusty Lacy – 39 

Stuart Bishop – 42

Brian Sloggy – 42

Sean Hart – DNF

Rick Schill – 16 – Sp Exhibition



Steve Billman – 10 – 1st

Alan Hensley – 39 – 2nd

Douglas Kauffman – 42 – 3rd

Sean Parker – 62

Ed Romney – 65



Tom Fraser – 14 – 1st

David Webster – 53 – 2nd

Matt Stancil – 85 – 3rd



Al Jones

Steve Fisher

Keith Bell

Jim Merrill

Ed Beehler

Bob O’Sullivan