Thurmond NC, November 5, 2017

The last CVOTC trials event of the year was held on 11-5-2017 in Thurmond, NC. Trialsmaster, Edward Romney, who lives 2 1/2 hours away, did an outstanding job of laying out 8 rideable sections.

The weather was cool with no rain on Sunday, but rain had visited the area on Saturday leaving conditions a little slippery. In some sections, however, traction did get better during the day.

Several sections were in and around a small creek. In one of which, the expert riders had to jump up a vertical wall section of an old dam. Another was a slick hill climb and one, a log section.

29 riders showed up....the largest turnout at Thurmond yet.

Many thanks to landowner, Vernon Earnhardt, for graciously allowing us to use his property over the years, and to Ed Romney, who has prepared and layed out sections there for the past 2 years.

When Tom Ashton brought his electric bike into the sportsman class last year,we all thought it to be very unfair that he now had a bike that could not be stalled in a section...thus, no 5s for that. Well, Sunday in the advanced class, he proved us wrong. He accidentally hit a switch and stalled his bike in the middle of a section, getting a 5. He is now a shoe-in for the CVOTC annual “Goober” award.

Here are the results from Thurmond.


1 Sammy Romney 33

Tyler Ubel Dnf


1 Tom Schantz 11

2 Scott Porter 26

3 Jim Carey 33

4 Kevin Hobbs 37

5 Frank Wolff 61


1 Steve Jeztorski 18

2 David Lawson 20

3 Sean Hart 34

4 Eric Sheets 39

5 Jim Ellis 43

6 John Hendricks Sr 46

7 Joshua Hendricks 50 6 cleans

8 Stuart Bishop 50 3 cleans

9 Stan Clinard 73

Rusty Lacy Dnf


1 Steve Billman 17

2 Joe Palrang 28

3 Alan Hensley 53

4 Kevin Bobal 88


1 Jeff Hensley 46

2 David Webster 50


Tom Ashton 

Ed Beehler 

Darris Smith

Al Jones 

Rick Schill 

Gordon Bowden

Please excuse spelling errors in names....I had no way to double check.