New Years Ride at Bunn

From David Webster: Bunn Fun Trial results 2018

Cold weather was the theme of the day for the 2018 Fun at Bunn FREE Trials event held on January 14th. Starting temps of 25 degrees brought out only the dedicated and crazy.

Twenty-one riders showed up to brave the cold and try their luck.

Several riders drove from Virginia to ride this event and to you I say Thanks!

The eight sections and three loops were held on Jim Ellis’s great property and we thank him for all that he does for the club. He did not ride today as his 75 year old hands did not work in the cold, but he did walk the loop several times and watch as the rest of us tried to keep our feet up.

The event was a Gate Trial where accumulating points was the goal.

Putting your foot down erased the points earned in each section.

Add up the points from eight sections, ride three loops and high score wins.

Riding harder sections wins you more points, but the goal to winning is consistency!

This year 4 sections were worth a maximum of 10 points and 4 sections were worth 15 points, making for a total of 300 points for a perfect day of NOT putting your foot down.

The most consistent riders of the day were Jeff Hensley with 227 in the Expert class and Steve Billman with 212 points in the Advanced class. Some riders were there to try the hardest line and did not care about the score. Garry Hoover always tried the hardest lines, sometimes with a brilliant ride, sometimes not.

The Section 4 hillclimb was the only uphill that no rider was able to get up. It was set up so all riders would be able to easily climb it, but the cold and the shade caused ice crystals to form beneath the dirt. Garry Hoover, Jeff Hensley, Steve Billman, Joe Palrang and many others all failed on the normally easy hill. All who tried spun their tires, not in mud but ice below the dirt.

Because of the cold, Jim Carey’s clutch on his Bultaco would not work right on the first loop, resulting in plowing until he crashed. By the end of the day, he got the bike running right and had some amazing rides, including Section 7’s spool then teeter-totter where he somehow held on to the bike without a dab.

Awards are always given out at the Fun Trial, and a special award was given to Jon Henricks, who took 5th place in the Sportsman class, beating his 25 year old son Josh 110 to 101 points.

There is always a prize for the lowest score and this year it was Ed Beehler who took the honors with a total of 64. Dallas Stephens took 1st intermediate with 90 points and his very first win!

Thanks to all who helped with this event! There was plenty of food and drink at the end and some fun prizes, but mostly it was a great group of people coming together to have a little fun.


Jeff Hensley 227 Expert

Steve Billman 212 Advanced

Dan Fahey 175 Advanced

Garry Hoover 157 Expert

Kevin Bobal 155 Advanced

Joe Palrang 153 Advanced

Keith J. 137 Sportsman

Alan Hensley 132 Advanced

David Lawson 117 Sportsman

Eric ? 116 Sportsman

Rusty Lacy 112 Sportsman

Jon Hendricks 110 Sportsman

Josh Hendricks 101 Sportsman

Dallas Stephens 90 Intermediate

Jim Carey 89 Intermediate

Scott Porter 67 Intermediate

ED Beehler 64 Intermediate

David Webster No card

John French No card

Jay Deans No card

Gary Heyer No card